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The home of fighters and fitness, Suggy’s Gym has been based in the heart of Newark In Nottinghamshire since 1988, and at our Castlegate Home since 2000. Led by former World Kickboxing Champion Dean Sugden, its team of fully licensed and qualified coaches work with clients of all ages and abilities, giving them the training and support they need to achieve their goals. Over the years, Suggy’s Gym has achieved unrivalled success with both amateur and professional fighters alike, celebrating more than 100 champions across all disciplines to become renowned throughout the country and beyond as the Mecca of combat sports, In addition to working with established and aspiring kickboxers and boxers, the coaches at Suggy’s Gym also offer a wide range of classes and courses for clients looking to improve their health and fitness, whether in small groups or through personal training sessions. They have just as many success stories working closely with Newark’s Family of Schools, providing a safe environment in which children with special needs or at risk of exclusion can learn and develop and giving them the belief that they have a future. The success of Suggy’s Gym is a real team effort and is what motivates everyone involved, whether coaches or clients, to continue to improve and keep raising the bar. Visit the to find out more about what’s been achieved, both in the ring and in the gym, and how training with the best can help you become the best!

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